Oil Change Service Near Charlotte And Gastonia, NC


Honda Oil Change Service At Our Shelby, NC Dealership

It's the simplest thing you can do to help maintain the longevity of your vehicle, but also the most important one. It's an oil change and it's a key service that we perform at Renaldo Honda. Your engine oil needs to be changed at regular intervals in order to keep your engine running at peak levels. There are a variety of engine oils available, but at our Shelby, NC Honda auto service center we only use genuine Honda parts including motor oil. This is a synthetic oil that helps increase the amount of time between required oil changes. That translates into less money out of your pocket in service costs. We also help save you money on maintenance items like oil changes with our online service specials. They are a great way to keep costs down while you make sure that you keep your car healthy and all the components in good working order. If you need an oil change or any other service or maintenance item, just use our online scheduling application to make an appointment. We'll confirm your appointment quickly at our Honda maintenance center located at 4421 East DixonBoulevard Shelby, NC 28152.

Why Regular Oil Changes Are Important

Your oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle's engine. It has multiple purposes and keeps your engine running smoothly and efficiently. How does it do this? For starters, engine oil serves as a lubricant to keep all the internal engine parts from creating friction. Car engines are complicated pieces of machinery and have many moving parts. When these parts operate, your engine oil keeps them from rubbing together and wearing down the integrity of the part materials. Think of engine oil as the "moisturizer" for those internal engine parts. Engines also reach super high temperatures when you drive your car, truck, van or SUV on the road. Your oil is the primary cooling agent that keeps your engine from overheating. It also cleans your engine as well. Engines create deposits that are absorbed by oil and after a while, the engine becomes dirty from absorbing all these deposits. This is when it's time for an oil change at Renaldo Honda. We use the best motor oil available on the market and provide online service specials that can help save you money.

Discount Oil Changes At Renaldo Honda

Continuing to drive your car when it's due for an oil change is a dangerous proposition and could lead to serious damage to your engine. Do the smart thing and when your vehicle indicates its time for an oil change, bring it to our Shelby, NC oil change facility. We'll take care of that plus any other maintenance items that are needed on your car, truck, van or SUV. We offer online scheduling and service specials to help save you money.