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Tire Alignment Services for Shelby, North Carolina Drivers

An automotive purchase is an investment and our new and used Honda dealership is here to help you protect that investment! Our service center in Shelby, North Carolina serves nearby Charlotte drivers with auto maintenance, and we invite you to drop by for a tire alignment service today! Misalignments can be caused by a variety of factors, such as:

  • Suspension parts that are worn
  • Vibrations from uneven road surfaces
  • The load the vehicle is transporting
  • Frequent driving over rough terrain, i.e. potholes

And if not repaired in a timely manner can cause uneven wear and tear or the need for a new set of tires. How do you know if your Honda CR-V is in need of a tire alignment? Signs include a vehicle that pulls to one side, a steering wheel that vibrates or noticeably uneven tire treads. Ensure your Honda Accord is properly gripping the road and enjoying a long, healthy tire lifespan, contact our Honda service center near Gastonia, NC for the professional care that your sedan deserves today. Our Honda service technicians will only use Original Equipment Manufacturer items to complete your alignment and can review any warranties that are associated with them. Don't compromise your on-road safety, schedule an auto service at Renaldo Honda in Shelby, NC now!

Tire Alignment


Contact us at Renaldo Honda to make an appointment for our dependable and efficient tire alignment service.

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Tire Alignment Service

Honda Tire Alignment Service

Many people overlook tire alignment when considering preventive maintenance for their vehicles. By having our dealership perform this service, the usable life of your tires will be extended, and you will have greater safety while driving. Follow your owner's manual recommendations regarding the frequency of this service, but if you regularly travel on bumpy or pothole-filled roads, it would be wise to have the alignment checked more often. If you've recently hit a curb or feel the steering wheel pulling to one side, you should immediately have your car serviced.

Only Quality Automotive Parts

Wheel misalignment can be caused by a variety of factors. For example, wheel suspension parts may become worn, bent or broken over time, and the deterioration of these parts can contribute to misalignment. When these pieces need to be replaced, our technicians will only use original equipment manufacturer parts. These parts will be direct replacements for their predecessors, so you will not have to worry that lower-quality components may have been used or that a part will not work well on your specific vehicle. The quality of aftermarket parts varies widely, and such items may not come with a warranty. The parts that we use are the same as those that the manufacturer originally installed on your vehicle, so you can be assured that your safety will not be compromised.

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When you bring your automobile in for service, our technicians can diagnose and fix any problems related to wheels that are out of alignment. They regularly encounter this common issue and are all certified professionals who are expertly trained to work on vehicles of every make and model.

Benefits of Tire Alignment

When misaligned, your tires will not face in the desired direction even if the wheels are out of line by just a fraction of a degree. Therefore, when your vehicle is brought in for service, its entire suspension will be adjusted so that your tires touch the road exactly as they should. If this process is delayed, it will be more costly in the future. You may not even notice that anything is wrong, but your tires will still be subjected to unnecessary, uneven wear and tear.

Tires that are properly aligned will wear less quickly and improve vehicle fuel economy, saving you money in the long run. A set of new tires can be quite costly. If wheel alignment is never addressed, those shiny new tires won't stay looking new for very long. Therefore, like all preventive maintenance, tire alignment should be viewed as a wise investment, not an optional procedure. More importantly, though, desired alignment will vastly improve your safety. With proper alignment, the vehicle's stopping distance will be shorter because more tire surface will touch the road. For the same reason, your tires will have maximum traction when you drive during inclement weather. In contrast, improper alignment can cause your vehicle to not handle as it should, sometimes making it difficult to maintain control.