Honda Radio Codes: What Are They & How to Use Them

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There are many things that work automatically on your new Honda thanks to top-notch computer technology and automated systems that sense and adapt. However, when you bring your Honda Accord or other Honda vehicle in for a new battery, you might need to know a few things about your Honda Accord radio codes.



Why? When you change the battery, your Honda Accord’s radio will automatically ask for the code because of the interruption of power. Usually, this can be resolved by holding the radio power button for a few seconds until the radio starts. If this simple process happens, you won’t need any Honda Accord radio codes. Unfortunately, sometimes, this doesn’t work, and you’ll have to enter the code manually.

Read our guide to the Honda Accord audio system code, how to use them, and what they are.

Why Does Your Honda Accord Have a Radio Code?

Simple. Audio systems and radios are, unfortunately, a target for thieves. If the power to your radio is interrupted, Honda radios won’t come back on without a code. The radio code is an anti-theft device that will render your radio inoperable if the power is interrupted for any reason. This includes when you install a new battery.

What Is the Honda Accord Radio Code and Honda Civic Radio Code?

They are five- or six-digit numbers printed on a label inside your glove box. It will be clearly marked as “anti-theft radio code” or similar verbiage.

Retrieving Your Honda Accord Audio System Code

There are a few ways to retrieve your Honda Accord’s radio code:

  • The aforementioned label inside your glove box
  • Your vehicle owner’s manual
  • Visit our Honda service center at Renaldo Honda near Gastonia, where one of our certified technicians will locate the code for you in no time.
  • Retrieve your code online via the OEM site.

To find your Honda radio code online, enter your ZIP code, phone number, email address, VIN number (located on the driver’s side of your car behind the windshield), and serial number. The online tool will retrieve the code. Then, it’s a matter of entering the Honda audio system code.

Entering Your Honda Accord Audio System Code

Entering the radio code into your Honda Accord or Civic is the easy part. Enter the code using the radio preset buttons that have numbers on them. So, if your Honda Accord audio system code is “33351,” you would press “3” three times, “5” once, and “1” once. This should unlock and reset your car’s audio system.

You might search for a Honda radio code list on the internet. Luckily, your vehicle’s radio has a unique code found nowhere else. Keep it safe by not divulging the code to anyone!

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