How Long Does an Oil Change Take?

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When you rely on Renaldo Honda for automotive service, you will find affordable and efficient car care. Most oil changes in our service center take less than an hour. If you need a better idea of the exact wait time, you can call ahead, or schedule an appointment with us at your convenience. Trust in your local Honda team so you can get back on the Blacksburg, SC streets right away!


How Long Should an Oil Change Take If I Do It Myself?

Wondering how long should an oil change take if you plan to handle the job in your own Gaffney, SC garage? Depending on skill level and experience, a DIY oil change will take roughly an hour. You will want to make sure you have the right equipment to perform the task; new oil, a fresh oil filter, a new oil filter gasket, rubber mallet, correctly sized wrenches, a jack, and wheel blocks.

After seeing the laundry list of objects needed, many ask, “how long does an oil change take at the dealership?” Our pros can handle the job in about an hour while you kick back and relax in our pristine service center. You can also travel with greater peace of mind knowing our experienced technicians made sure the job was done right!

More Oil Change Information

If you decide you want to avoid the rigamarole of an at-home oil change, working with our dealership delivers the following perks:

  • Our expert technicians work with cutting-edge service technology, allowing us to work on more cars than the generic auto shops.
  • In the past, your mechanic may have told you to come back for your next oil change after traveling 3,000 miles. Nowadays, the advancements in car care and automotive design allows drivers to travel between 5,000- 7,500 miles before an oil change is required. Check your owner’s manual for specific guidance.
  • We offer rotating service specials to help customers save on our already competitive prices.
  • Be sure to determine the proper oil type your vehicle requires. Your owner’s manual will help you figure out if your vehicle needs synthetic or conventional oil.

Visit Renaldo Honda in Shelby for Efficient Service

Now that you know the difference between how long does an oil change take and how long should an oil change take, turn to Renaldo Honda for expert care. Located near Kings Mountain, our service center is your local hub for all things Honda. Looking for more oil change tips? Learn how to reset Honda Civic oil life and, the importance of tire rotations, when to replace a battery, and other service tricks with our team!

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